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彩八万app是不是真的birch flooring has great color variation, from lights to darks, that can suit a variety of tastes. birch wood flooring is derived from the birch tree, which is native to the northern hemisphere. don’t let its soft look fool you, birch flooring is harder than oak.

彩八万app是不是真的birch wood floors have a visual appeal that is enhanced by its natural highlights. its durability makes it a good choice for an enduring flooring product for the home. birch hardwood flooring comes in multiple shades and widths ensuring there is a look for every style, whether classic or modern. it also is available with a smooth finish, distressed, or hand scraped, depending on your preference.

彩八万app是不是真的for a durable and beautiful floor for years to come, choose birch hardwood flooring. it’s easy to maintain and perfect for any home.

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