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oak flooring adds a classic touch to your home. it can easily be coordinated with many types of furniture, and it offers great durability and resistance to wear and tear. oak flooring comes in solid or engineered, as well as panels for the wall. it can be stained in a variety of colors from light to dark and in grays. you can purchase it in thin strips or wide planks.

彩八万app是不是真的some of the more popular oak wood varieties are white oak flooring and red oak flooring. the red oak flooring is the more traditional choice between the two. however, because the white oak flooring is harder, it accepts stain more evenly than the red oak wood.

like all wood floors, oak floors are easy to maintain. it can be easily cleaned with a simple sweep and an occasional light mopping. keeping it free of pet hair and dander is a breeze making it a perfect fit for those who have pets in their home.

our impressive selection of oak flooring gives you a number of options for upgrading your home. there are a variety of colors and widths ensuring something for every taste.

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