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slate tiles and quartzite tiles are beautiful natural stone tiles with color variations that give each piece a distinctive look. slate floor tiles come in a range of earth tone colors that add a rustic touch to the patio or interior of your home. choose from many different styles.

why choose slate stone flooring?

slate stone flooring is highly sought after because of its many positive attributes as a building material. at the top of that list of qualities is its durability. for areas that are subject to a great deal of foot traffic, slate tile floors are effective because of their strength.

additionally, if you are choosing slate stone flooring for an area that is likely to draw a fair amount of moisture, slate tiles work well because of their ability to withstand dampness.

彩八万app是不是真的low maintenance for slate flooring

the durability of slate floor tile makes it compare favorably with other options such as wood or laminate. slate stone flooring will look good and last for a long time, and it will not require a lot of maintenance. this quality allows it to not only provide a great appearance to rooms in which it is used, but it also raises the value of homes that have it.

slate characteristics

  • • There are different grades of quality for slate stone flooring. The highest level of quality slate is mined from underground and then comprises a highest quality flooring product.
  • Other types of slate are found at the ground’s surface. This type is of slightly lesser quality, but is less expensive because it is not as costly to extract from the ground.
  • The best slate flooring is stain resistant and not slippery. It is also moisture resistant because it is not very porous.
  • • Slate stone flooring also is resistant to fire, which makes it a safe product to put in the home.
  • To maintain slate flooring, sweeping and mopping with a mild detergent regularly is really all that is necessary.

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