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when you are installing a laminate or vinyl floor you oftentimes just think about what you need to accomplish covering the floor but can forget the stairs. just like there are specialty pieces for transitions, there are also stair risers or tread boxes for both laminate and vinyl.

laminate stair risers and vinyl stair risers are the rounded caps that sit on top of the tread box. they give a beautiful edging and finish to your project and are designed to look like real wood stairs. laminate tread boxes and vinyl tread boxes fit tightly with the wall, ensuring no gaps and a smooth finish.

彩八万app是不是真的when installing laminate or vinyl on your floors don’t forget to look for the stair risers or tread boxes that match your floor. like the flooring itself, they come in a multitude of different colors, finishes and sizes. using the right laminate stair treads or vinyl stair boxes ensures that your project looks perfect every time.

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