Teak Wood Flooring

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teak hardwood flooring is an attractive, durable option for the home that has a rich, brownish-red hue. teak flooring is derived from the teak tree, which is indigenous to parts of southeast asia. however, this hardwood tree is also grown in parts of central and south america. teak wood flooring ages beautifully and gets richer looking with time.

though teak flooring is a softer wood flooring than a hickory or an oak, its prominent graining streaks give the appearance of motion to rooms in which it is used. solid teak hardwood flooring can also be sanded and refinished many times over preserving its natural look for a lifetime.

though proper precautions need to be taken with teak flooring, like padding under couch feet and placing runners in high traffic areas, teak wood flooring is relatively easy to care for. it just takes a gentle sweep or vacuum and a weekly light mopping. occasionally, teak hardwood flooring requires oiling as well.

彩八万app是不是真的if you are looking for a show-stopping wood floor with movement in the grain, teak flooring is for you.

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